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@ SEASHARE.no Norway's most ambitious boat sharing service!

Boatsharing is fun, affordable and sustainable! We simply want to create the best product on the market for boat sharing as well as for sharing expertise for better, safer and more fun experiences at sea.

We also work to make SeaShare the world’s largest boat pool of private boats, shared and rented. We will not be able to achieve this goal without massive collaboration with cool and motivated boat owners, willing to share their boats. We encourage everyone to join in and spread the word!


Norway is now at the top, with the highest density of leisure boats in the world. Soon 1.2 million of these are floating on our waters. At SeaShare, we think such consum should be accompanied by a natural responsibility, that we also reach the top when it comes to sharing all these boats. We owe it to the environment, and the generations that come after us! It is also a great feeling just to share – because you can! Sharing is caring! It’s fun, sustainable, and economical!

Sailboats and motorboats are the most commonly shared objects, but everything from canoes to surfboards and other sports equipment or sea/boat-equipment is also natural to share. We arrange for both individual rentals and longterm sharing within small groups, the same people sharing a boat throughout an entire season, or for an agreed period of time.

You can improve your skills and knowledge, and receive training through us. Learn more about sea and boat life, go on a sailing trip with a boat owner, or a motorboat trip with other SeaShare fans or members, get to know like-minded people.

We organize events and theme gatherings also, and if you work in a company and wish to have team building on a boat or an island, we can help you set it up!

THE BASIC THOUGHT OF SEASHARE is that no one needs to own everything. The circular economy is here to stay. Sharing boats is not so different from sharing cars, cabins, tools, and anything else we can share. Not all boats are suitable for sharing, but many are. What we do not know well how to do, we can learn from others who know it better than ourselves. Like this we thrive together.


SEASHARE has a strong focus on sustainability. We conduct coastal clean ups and other environmentally directed activities, and we promote sustainable solutions. In addition we support several other organisations in their work for better and cleaner oceans, seas and waters!

It is important now that many of us understand the severe need for this, and that we together contribute to such important work. We can help you get involved, and we can advise you how to support! Please contact us if you are interested.



Wind Øyvind Aamot is one of the original founders. Dedicated sea-lover, has sailed in the Pacific Ocean as well as in the Caribbean and northern Norway. Also thrives very well in a fast motorboat for a picnic on the reef or in mother's older plastic worm with the trough out. Personal mission is that sea and boating must be for everyone, and that we who can should share our expertise to make it safer, easier and more fun for everyone. In addition, he focuses on sustainability.




Vilje Bjaaland Siljan grew up with all the summers at the cabin by risør, and in addition to becoming a veterinarian eventually, she soon became a skilled fisherwoman, crab puller and pleasure boat driver. Her love for everything that lives in the sea, and the sea itself, together with the rest of the animal world is the basis for her existence, which she is happy to share :-)






Tore Borge started early in sailing lessons, and when life some years ago made him single, he moved into a large sailboat, and lived in it for a number of years. He loves both sailing and sailing at sea, has a lot of expertise, and has also been an IT consultant for one of Norway's largest companies for a number of years.







Andreas Parlow shared a speedboat with 2 friends for over 10 years, before he found out that it was just as good to just be on all the boats of everyone he knows, because he is also so lucky that he has grown up by the sea, and treats all the joys this leads to. As an independent in the advertising / PR / media industry, with decades of experience in his backpack, he is a perfect project captain for the development and implementation of events and other things that attract attention.

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